Why Video Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Why Video Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

In the 1980s, video transformed the music world and famously “killed the radio star”. Now it’s the turn of the business world, as video transforms the way that businesses market themselves.

If you need some proof of the value of video to your marketing strategy, these statistics should do the trick:

  • 90% of customers say videos help them make buying decisions
  • Adding a video to an email substantially boosts click through rates
  • Embedding videos in website landing pages can increase conversion rates by 90%
  • Mobile video consumption grows by 100% per year
  • 80% of all web traffic in 2019 will be video
  • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day

In short, people like videos. They don’t just react positively to them, they actively seek them out. So if you’re not creating videos as part of your marketing collateral, you are missing an opportunity that your competitors may well be exploiting – to their gain and your loss.  

Add to this the fact that people do business with people. Videos are a great way to talk face-to-face with your customers or prospective customers, letting them get to know you, your brand and your products. This is the first step in building trust and persuading people to buy your products.

Moreover, viewers retain more information from a video than from text, so they’ll remember more about your product or service.

If all that has convinced you to make video part of your marketing strategy, the next question is where do you start?

Videos need to fit into your overall strategy so you have to plan how content can support your key marketing goals. Then decide on what the content should be, how long the videos will be, where you will upload them – your website, social media channels? – how often you will upload new videos, and how you will measure their success.

A product demonstration video and a company overview video are valuable add-ons to your website but if video is to remain an integral part of your marketing strategy you also need to plan ahead to produce regular and more nuanced content.

So how do you make a video?

One option is to invest in a modern enterprise video platform, like Capture Cast, which gives you the tools to easily and cost-effectively record, edit, upload, search and store videos. You can record via a laptop or mobile phone making it easy for anyone in the business to make videos.

Alternatively, start by speaking to a video marketing specialist, who can advise you on the best approach to take to achieve your business objectives and can help get your video marketing journey started.

Get in touch today for an introductory chat with one of our creative professionals and find out how your organisation could benefit.

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