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At Pi Comms we understand that the way we learn and consume content is changing – but more importantly that every organisation’s requirements are different. Online video learning and development platforms are transforming how organisations are engaging with their employees from onboarding right through to offering continuous professional development.

We can design, procure, build and maintain a bespoke learning content and delivery platform – with ‘capturing what matters’ at its core.

We offer courses in business basics and legislative compliance areas including health and safety. We also provide bespoke content by partnering your training co-ordinator with our TV producers to develop engaging, high quality courses.

We help you harness the power of video, audio and documentation to develop your team and engage your internal audience.

  • Capture Cast is a Video Management Learning Platform designed to communicate with your team in a way that reflects learning and working in this modern digital age
  • Our simple to use Learning and Development Platform is a bespoke service that allows you to transform the way that businesses develop their teams
  • The evidence for successfully training your team using video is compelling and you can read more about it in our blogs section.
    • A secure portal which hosts and shares your content
    • Tracks your teams’ progress and knowledge through their learning journey
    • Live Stream and record information sessions for playback to the Learning Library
    • Create a smart learning library as every word spoken is searchable – you can effortlessly and automatically create a library which can be optimised and utilised
    • You can load your own content to the platform and work with us to create training materials to meet your specific development objectives
    • The platform is integration ready so you can use it as a building block to connect with other critical business systems
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