Using Video to Support Change Management

Using Video to Support Change Management

We’re potentially facing into some of the biggest changes that have hit businesses in the UK and Ireland in many decades. The rumour mill is rife and people are nervous about the future. Those in charge of change management have their work cut out for them so anything that makes the task easier will be welcome.

Change management relies on effective and timely communication and globally more and more businesses are leveraging the power of video as part of the process. Here are some examples of how businesses are using video to make complex transitions a little easier.

  1. Communicate clear, consistent, detailed messages that can be watched on-demand

Keeping everyone informed about what is happening is fundamental to successful change management. And while a detailed document may set plans out clearly enough, it can come across as detached.  Important information needs to be communicated face-to-face. A video will convey not only the key information but the tone of the message and can be sent out to everyone in the business at the same time as well as being made available for later on-demand viewing.

  • Engage your entire workforce at once with internal live streams

When it’s important to get everyone’s attention at the same time, live streaming the message is a good solution. It avoids the need to get everyone into the same room but delivers the same result. Interactive streaming software also enables threaded discussions so that those watching can comment on the webcast in real time.

  • See viewer data with detailed video analytics

During a change management process it’s important to know that everyone in the business is receiving the key information about what is happening. Accusations of being kept in the dark must be avoided. Using a video platform with video analytics means you can see who has watched the video, whether they are watching it through to the end and where people drop off. That helps you assess whether the whole message is getting through to the whole business.

  • Share knowledge to smooth transitions

Combining teams, moving premises, introducing new procedures– whatever the changes are, information about what that means for every employee must be communicated. Video can successfully be used to share team knowledge or walk through new processes and premises.   By storing these videos in a searchable video library that employees can access on demand, you’re giving them chance to get to grips with new information in their own time.   

Change management is one of the most difficult processes to get right, so having as many tools as possible at your disposal is essential. Leverage the power of video. Make sure you’re maximising the potential of your videos to grow your business. Get in touch today to find out how our experts can help.

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