The top video trends for 2019

The top video trends for 2019

Many businesses have already discovered the power of video to engage staff, improve learning outcomes and increase productivity. This year we are already seeing more businesses adopt video to support the sharing of information. Here are our top predictions for 2019’s trends.

  1. Using video to scale training

Recording training sessions and making them available on-demand across the organisation means more people can engage in training for less cost. With just a small learning and development team, businesses will be able to provide regular training updates to all staff by recording, storing and sharing training videos.  

  1. Increase in social learning

Peer to peer support is becoming recognised as an invaluable source of knowledge in organisations. By giving employees the means to easily record their know-how on video and share it across the organisation, businesses will see an increase in institutional knowledge and a decrease in knowledge lost when experienced people leave the business.

  1. Supporting sales enablement with video

Research shows that sales people spend many hours each week looking for specific information to present to prospects. More businesses will be using video to give their sales teams instant, on-demand access to the latest product information, competitive intelligence and best practices. That will save them time and make the business money.

  1. Increase in live streaming events

When it’s important to get everyone in the business together for a briefing but not physically possible to do so, live streaming is the answer. It’s efficient, it’s secure, and it unifies the business by delivering the same message at the same time to everyone. With modern software options it’s also easy to do and it’s becoming a regular activity for many top businesses.

  1. Investing in an enterprise video platform

We believe that more businesses will invest in video content management systems to enable them to fully harness the potential of video. They offer a cost-effective system for recording, storing and sharing videos, delivering tangible benefits to business.

CaptureCast is an easy-to-use, all-in-one, enterprise video platform for all your training, communications, sales support and knowledge sharing needs. It’s revolutionising the way businesses use video and multiplying the benefits that video offers.

To arrange a free demonstration – and to learn how your organisation could benefit – contact us today.

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