Millennials Learn with Video

Millennials Learn with Video

Generation Y, born between 1980 and 2000, is fast becoming the biggest percentage of the workforce. It makes sense then to tailor your learning and development activity to their needs and preferences. And one of these is very definitely video.


Research reveals that over 70% of millennials use YouTube to watch educational and how-to videos. And they’re not just watching. Every minute of every day more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. This is the generation that communicates via images and video.

So what should you be doing?

  1. Make videos a key part of your induction/onboarding and ongoing training programme. Millennials are used to learning from videos. More and more schools and universities are using it, so it’s what they expect. Forget two-day classroom-based training courses. That’s old hat. What millennials want is specific information, clearly presented in short chunks. Research has shown that shorter, focused bursts of information — often referred to as microlearning —  are not only more budget-friendly, but also produce better results.
  2. Give them on-demand access to informational videos. What you want, when you want it is the essence of today’s media. Your training videos should be the same. Create a library of them and let the millennials seek out information as they need it.
  3. Encourage social learning by giving your employees the tools to record and share knowledge freely with an easy-to-use enterprise video platform. With just a laptop and a webcam, or a mobile phone, they can record videos to share insights with their colleagues.
  4. Make your videos searchable. In the modern world the answer to everything is just a Google search away. With the ability to search for any word spoken or shown in your videos, millennials can quickly access the information they need, increasing productivity and reducing time spent looking for the answer to a problem.
  5. Make your video archive available to your employees on the go. No millennial will ever be seen without a mobile phone or tablet. Ensure they can access your video library remotely and view videos in whichever format suits their device.

A modern video platform, like CaptureCast, can do all of the above, making videos easy to record, edit, store and share anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Make video central to your organisation’s learning and development tools. For a free demonstration – and to learn how your organisation could benefit – contact us today.

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