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Pi Comms are proud to be a trusted partner to the legal and  justice sector. Providing AV and Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE) services, our work ranges from high profile criminal cases and public inquiries to evidence preparation for individual cases.


Experienced in televising and live streaming proceedings, Pi Comms know the importance of delivering a broadcast quality service and our coverage has appeared across all major networks in the UK and Ireland.


Pi are the go-to provider of EPE services and work with a raft of law firms in preparation for their cases. As a leading authority, our methods allow complex evidence to be presented in easy to understand ways, leading to clearer evidence presentation and more consistent outcomes.


  • Inquiry Support
  • Courtroom Technologies – M-IMAC
  • Video and Audio Analytics and Enhancement Treatment
  • Electronic Presentation of Evidence
  • E-Discovery Solutions
  • Televising / Live Web streaming
  • Court Cast is a Content Management Platform designed to open up and broadcast the work of the legal system 
  • Supreme Court Rulings are now being televised as is the work of many public inquiries – Court Cast is an important development in the field of legal technology
    • Live stream Court Sessions at the click of a button
    • Create a valuable and useful archive – each spoken word within your video library is fully searchable
    • Integrate with other crucial Court systems such including transcription teams, document management services and electronic presentation of evidence
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