How to use Video for Retail Merchandising

How to use Video for Retail Merchandising

How your products are displayed in your shops is a vital part of your interaction with customers. It influences buying decisions, brand loyalty and the whole customer experience. For those stores that have multiple outlets, creating consistency across them is key to building brand.  Whether a customer walks into one of your stores in Belfast, Dublin or Cork it’s important that the environment is familiar to them so that they can easily navigate the layout and find what they are looking for.

Just a few years ago this probably meant creating complex, paper-based floor and shelf layout schemes that were then sent out to every store. The drawbacks of this approach were not only the time involved in creating the schemes, which might need to be updated several times a year, but also the reliance on front-line staff understanding and fully implementing the layouts.

Some larger stores send a member of the merchandising team out to every store to check the displays. But this is prohibitively expensive for many businesses that are already operating on tight margins.

Fortunately, nowadays you have the option of recording and distributing a video of your retail merchandising as and when you need to update stores. This simplifies the communication of the design and structure of your store displays and helps ensure that all your outlets are visually consistent.

And whereas, even in the recent past, this might have involved hiring expensive AV professionals and equipment, nowadays with modern enterprise video platforms you can easily and cost-effectively record, edit and distribute videos.

With CaptureCast any member of your team can easily record a video on location using just their laptop and a webcam. This allows them to walk through the displays explaining the layout and what they are aiming to achieve with specific positioning of products.

If you want to add in other material to the video, such as slides about sales projections, that’s easily done through the video edit function.

The video can then be uploaded to your library where it will automatically be transcoded into multiple formats so that staff can view them on whatever device they have – tablet, mobile, PC or MAC.

With so much invested in retail merchandising it’s important that the details are communicated accurately and implemented properly. Video allows you to do that.

Communicate your retail merchandising plans the easy way. Get in touch today to arrange a free demonstration and find out how your organisation could benefit.

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