Enhance Employee Onboarding with Video

Enhance Employee Onboarding with Video

Onboarding? Yes, it’s the fancy new word for induction. Actually, it’s more than induction; it’s about helping new employees integrate fully into your organisation and quickly become productive members of the team.

Research shows that organisations with a formal induction process have a higher rate of staff retention but, let’s face it, a mountain of manuals to read through and brief meetings with several busy team leaders might not be the best learning experience for a new employee.

Video offers several benefits as an onboarding tool:

For the organisation:

  • It’s cost effective. A suite of onboarding videos eliminates the need for presentations and meetings to repeat core information.
  • It keeps messaging consistent. No matter where the new employee arrives in the organisation they will hear the same key messages.
  • It can capture nuances that written documentation can’t and help to engage new staff.

For the new employee:

  • It’s easy to view and review videos to consolidate understanding.
  • It can provide invaluable visual information about the layout of the building, key managers or even how to use the photocopier to help people quickly familiarise themselves with their new place of work.
  • It gives the new employee control over assimilating information.

Here are some basic videos that every organisation can create and use to enhance the onboarding experience:

  • The Welcome video: a few words from the Chief Executive, relevant directors and team leaders can go a long way to making people feel part of the team.
  • The Knowledge Handoff video: when overlapping with the outgoing postholder is not an option for the new employee, a handover video is invaluable. It can give the incomer a real insight into the job and the ongoing projects that they’ll be involved in.
  • The Company/Organisation Policies video: important information but often as dry as dust. A video can home in on key points and present them in a way that will make sense to a layman.
  • The Quick-Start Job Skills Training video: possibly the most important one, this gives the new employee details about their particular job, and the procedures around it.
  • The Office Basics video: covering all the little things that can trip people up like how do you order stationary? Who do you call with an IT problem? How do you book a meeting room?

Using our CaptureCast platform, Pi Comms can help you create videos that will deliver immediate benefits to your organisation. The ability to search videos means new employees can quickly find the information they need to get on with their job and reduce the handholding required in the early days. And you can even monitor employee viewing with our video analytics to ensure they’ve seen essential material.

Get in touch today for a free consultation and to learn how your organisation could benefit.

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