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From Ted Talks to presidential addresses, we know our way around conferences and events and are proud to provide video and audio-visual services to businesses, associations and conference venues across Ireland and the UK.

It’s well recognised that if you want to grow your event year on year, video is essential to show visitors what to expect. Recording or live streaming your event is a great way to capture the excitement, build future audiences and develop a library of content that’s great for social media.

A highlights video, for example, can provide an overview for those who couldn’t attend and can also be used to market your conference to next year’s attendees. From keynote speakers to interviews with happy delegates, we make sure to capture what matters every time.

We’ve supported the Institute of Directors, World Luxury Spa & Restaurant Awards and the UK/China Summit, among others, with their conferences and events.


Not everyone can attend conferences and events in person, but by offering a live stream, they can experience the event in real time. Live streaming allows you to open events up to a much wider audience and can give potential future attendees a taste of what the experience is like.

We are experts in robotic camera technology and satellite IP technology, meaning our production and transmission standards are broadcast quality. But our costs are lower than you might expect.


There are so many ways that audio visual technology can help to bring your event to life, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin. Fortunately, our team live and breathe everything to do with events and technology so you don’t have to!

We work collaboratively with you to suggest the best audio visual set-up and equipment to meet your event objectives and are happy to advise on what works best for budgets of all sizes.

  • Conference Cast is a video management platform that allows you to make your conference available to the widest possible relevant audience – both in real time and in a secure, searchable archive
  • A cost effective live webcasting solution for events, conferences, meetings and committees who wish to communicate with the public
  • Video on Demand programmes created for playback at your audiences convenience
  • Conference Cast solution will be tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Subtitling and Transcription services are available as required
  • A branded app is available to provide live audio direct to headsets for Hearing Impaired audiences
  • Simultaneous Translation solutions also available
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