6 Types of Video That Every Business Should Produce

6 Types of Video That Every Business Should Produce

According to a recent article in the New York Times, we are entering a “post-text world”. While this may sound extreme, the demand for multimedia content is steadily increasing and audiences who engage with this content are more likely to convert to customers. But if you’re new to video marketing, you may be wondering where to start!

In this blog we’ll take a look at 10 of the most common video types that smart marketers are producing today:

  1. Product Tour

Most first-time visitors to your website want to know how your product will improve their lives. But they don’t want to read a lot of text or scroll through hundreds of images — that’s too much work until they know if your product is relevant to their need.

A basic overview of your solution gives them the answer. They can see for themselves what your product looks like and does. If it’s compelling, they’re more likely to convert.

  1. Meet the Team / Company Culture video

If you want to give customers a sense of your company values, mission, and team members, a video showcasing your culture or introducing a few team members is a solid choice.

These videos help people understand why your company is different and helps to strengthen their brand loyalty.

  1. Vlog

A vlog, or “video blog,” is diary-style video and typically filmed by one person in front of their camera or webcam. A typical vlog describes someone’s personal experience or thoughts on a specific topic.

While influencers tend to use vlogging more than brands, you can definitely still take advantage of this popular genre. To give you an idea, you could ask one of your employees to do a one-day takeover of your YouTube account, showing your audience around the office, taking them along to an industry event, interviewing other team members, and so on.

  1. How-to / Explainer

A how-to video/explainer walks your viewers through a process or answers a common question. They’re great for building brand credibility and getting your audience to trust you.

In this video, a Squarespace employee lays out the differences between a domain and web hosting. Squarespace happens to provide both — so anyone who watches this video is probably a good customer.

  1. Case study / Testimonial

When it comes to conversion, you can’t beat case studies and testimonials. It’s all thanks to social proof, or the psychological phenomenon that causes people to want something when they see others using it.

Try to find a customer who’s gotten great results or has an incredible story.

  1. Announcement Video

Have some big news to share with your audience? Whether you’re launching a new product, having an event, opening another store, or starting an initiative, an announcement video helps you get you the message across and build excitement.

Videos can play a valuable role during every stage of your marketing funnel — from attracting new leads to turning them into paying customers. Make sure you’re maximising the potential of your videos to grow your business. Get in touch today to find out how our experts can help.



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